Why Should You Consider Drinking Tava Tea For Weight Loss?

Tava Tea has recently become quite popular among those who are looking to lose weight. For the skeptics, it may seem impossible that tea may be able to help you lose weight. But for its fans, drinking the unique tea blend actually makes sense. Here is why you might consider it, too.

This tea is actually a blend of three green teas. Their species are Sencha, Oolong, and Puerh. Combining the three together apparently makes a healthful blend that works to fight obesity and increase energy. People in Japan and China have drunk Oolong for thousands of years to experience its health benefits. What makes Tava different is that it combines Oolong with the other two teas to make a particularly stronger tea.

Oolong is probably the best known of the three teas that are use to make Tava. Oolong has been available in supermarkets for years. Many people think of it as being common everyday tea that everyone drinks. And though some of that thinking may be true, what is little known in many Western cultures is that there can be significant differences between teas, even when they share the same name. This is because processing teas is very different dependent upon where it is picked and how it is handled. The Oolong in Tava is carefully harvested, and not totally dried. Rather, the leaves are rolled so as not to break them, keeping their cellular structure intact. And they are allowed to oxidize in carefully monitored areas. Tava Oolong is not the dried out, crumbled Oolong commonly found in your average supermarket tea bag.

Similar care is taken to harvest the other two teas, Sencha and Puerh, that make up the Tava blend. With so much attention to detail, this tea that eventually arrives to your tea pot is a higher quality product. As long as you take care during steeping, you will have much more of the good things inside you because there are more good things in it to start. Its a very simple idea.

Part of its success seems to come from the way it is steeped and drunk. Studies have shown that drinking a cup of tea 15 minutes before consuming a meal with carbohydrates actually helps to regulate the insulin spikes normally seen when carbohydrates are eaten. When the insulin is functioning well, it more completely works to use carbohydrates rather than storing them as extra fat. So, drinking a cup of the tea before a meal is beneficial for your metabolism in terms of using foods, and drinking a cup of tea after a meal seems to aid digestion and bring energy.

Tava is organically grown, and certified as such by the United States Department of Agriculture and the international certification organization known as CERES. In addition, Tava is part of the National Organic Program which helps consumers to know exactly what is organic about the foods they are buying.

Tava tea seems to have none of the side effects of other weight loss pills and products. Many of these do tend to cause stomach problems such as gas, bloating, nausea, or diarrhea. In fact, the tea has just the opposite effect for many that drink it. Many report that drinking it actually soothes their stomach, brings a sense of calm, and helps their stomach feel better after eating.

Tava comes in pyramid shaped bags, which hold the premier tea blend with enough to make several pots daily. It is recommended that the water temperature be just right, and that you steep it long enough to release its good properties. Simple instructions for steeping it throughout the day are included in the box. If you are looking for better health and weight loss, Tava Tea may very well be an excellent choice.