Flex Belt System gets Top Votes and Reviews

The creators of the Flex Belt Toning System are delighted by the positive responses of their customers. The devices promises – ‘the user will obtain a leaner and firmer, abdomen’ and this statement has come true for many whom have purchased it. Some people have seen excellent results within 6 weeks! The Flex belt System is very portable and compact so it can be popped in your luggage/bag and used anywhere.

Athletes & Olympians Love the Flex Belt System

The Flex Belt System is the only toning device to be trialled and tested through numerous clinical studies. The device has been given the thumbs-up and cleared by the FDA ‘Food and Drugs Administration’. The FDA endorsed the product as a class 2 medical device. Even the creators behind the Flex Belt System have carried out their own 2 research studies, one study in 2005 and the other in 2008. The study was lead by Professor John Porcari PhD, University of Wisconsin, who is a leading expert in sports medicine. Overall the results concluded that around 92 percent of users had obtained positive results from using the system, such as – a significant increase in muscle firmness and toned abs.

According to customer reviews – one of the most beneficial features of the product is that the device is discrete and small enough to wear wherever you are whatever you are doing. For instance – it can be worn under clothing while at work, school, on the train, etc, and give the wearer an abs workout without interrupting their daily regime.

It isn’t just your average customers that are ranting and raving about the Flex Belt system, because according to the media – even top Athletes & Olympians including ‘Janet Evans’ give the device high praise and use it regularly as part of their abs workout.

How does the Flex Belt System Work?

The Flex Belt Systems electronic signals are pointed and directed to your tummy muscles. The signals stimulate nerves to cause your abdominal muscles to contract and relax, just as they would if you were performing other abdominal exercises like sit-ups and crunches. The Flex Belt System has a series of different intensity levels that the wearer can choose from which ranges from 1to 150. The wearer starts at a lower level of intensity and increases this with time or subsequent workouts. The flex Belt has gained medical classification and status because its pioneering technology works on the same principal that Physical Therapists use when rehabilitating patients with impaired muscle use.

Will I lose money if I am not happy with the Flex Belt System?

You have nothing to lose by trying the Flex Belt System, because the manufacturers will give you your money back if you are not satisfied with the results. Just bear in mind though that you will need to give the device at least 6 weeks of use before returning the device, as anything shorter than this recommended period will not be a fair indication as to whether it would work for you. According to all the positive testimonials though, there is a strong chance that you will be very satisfied with the Flex Belt System and will love and enjoy it as part of your daily fitness regime.