What You Should Know About Diet

After all my years of being an athlete then a Marine I one realized that I was 40 lbs overweight. How did this happen? Well immediately all kinds of excuses came into my head blaming my condition on everyone else. Then the truth hit me like it often does, I was no longer an athlete but I was still eating like one.
Now I’m faced with finding a diet to go on and it’s the late 1970′s and there wasn’t that many. Lucky for for me I had friends and acquaintances that had tried all of these so called diets. Not only did I get the materials for free I had the test subjects to talk to.
I talked to my friends about their experiences with the particular diet they had tried. {Some of them tried more than one} They all pretty much said the same thing.

  • • 1. Lost a quick 5-10 lbs at first
    • 2. Started feeling weak and dizzy
    • 3. Developed gastrointestinal issues (yuk)
    • 4. Foods on the menu are too different. I don’t like most of them I don’t get to eat any of my favorite foods
    • 5. The weight came right back on and I feel like a failure. There was a lot more , these are just the ones that jumped out at me.

Now I got busy and actually read the diet programs. Holy smokes what a nightmare. The first book I read was about carbs and that they where evil and you should never eat any. The next one said the same about fats. Another was a mixture of programs but watch some proteins and you needed to buy their predigested protein for their program. (Expensive and who digested it first?).
What was strange was that when I was reading the first book I’m excited. I am thinking this is it, the answer to my problem. Then I read the 2nd book, no this is the answer to my problem and the 1st book is crap. Then the 3rd book the same. 4th book same. I read about 8 books and came to the same conclusion, I am now dumber for reading all of those books. Not really. I started thinking about how can an intelligent person like myself keep getting fooled from book to book so many times.
So I looked over the books again. I finally figured it out each book had a program in it that has a basic truth in it the is a piece of the whole picture but only a piece. This is the hook that gets you. Add some hype and some testimonials and you made the book of the month club. Let me explain:

  • • 1. Low Carb Diet – Use Yacon syrup instead of sugar. Simple and certain other carbs are bad for you. TRUE but not in moderation.
    • 2. Low or no Fat Diet- All fats are bad for you- This one I consider both TRUE and FALSE. Some fats are always not good and some are essential in moderation.
    • 3. Protein Diet- All protein is good so eat a lot. TRUE but also in moderation because it can clog up digestive system. Slow down tract time.
    • 4. High Fiber Diet- If you speed up your digestive and intestinal tract time you absorb less fat and etc… into your system. TRUE but in moderation. You may sacrifice absorbing nutrients if you speed up too much.

Now I was faced with what do I do with this information?

On Tuesday night I was helping my Wife prepare dinner and it is burrito night. (yum, Yum) While I was chopping all the veggies for the salsa, then I started looking around at all the ingredients. The hamburger meat was not very red, probably the cheap 30% fat. I was using a lot of cheese which is more fat and protein. The giant tortilla was a lot of carbs. I also used sugar in my ice tea, more carbs. So for the next week I didn’t change anything I just took note of what I ate and what changes I could make to my existing menu to incorporate some of those truths I discovered in those books.
After the week was over I rewrote the family menus armed with my new found information. I decided to start with burrito Tuesday because there was so much room for improvement. I bought the leanest ground beef’, nonfat cheese and whole wheat tortillas. I was suspicious of the non fat cheese and the whole wheat tortillas. The non fat cheese was kind of blah so I mixed with regular shredded cheese and it was good. The whole wheat tortilla on the other hand tasted like a woven place mat so I went back to the flour tortillas.
While preparing my burritos I decided to use a little less meat, beans, and cheese. I used a little more tomato, onion and salsa. I also used an artificial sweetener in my tea instead of sugar. I reduced the carbs, fat and added fiber. It was delicious and the family loved it.
Fried chicken night was replaced with shake and bake which I did not like. However my Wife said she knew what was wrong and she could fix it. She took it back into the kitchen brushed olive oil on it. Then dusted it with garlic powder and some Parmesan cheese. Then put it back in the oven a while longer. OMG it was delicious, much better than fried. Cut the mash potatoes and gravy serving in half, added a salad. cut carbs and fat.
For breakfast I usually had a big bowl of Frosted Flakes and coffee with lots of sugar in it. I replaced that with corn flakes and coffee with artificial sweetener
I did this with the whole menu and it was like dieting without dieting. This along with my “Fun Program“(Exercise Program) is how I lost that extra 40 lbs and have never put it back on.
As you can see this diet is doable. Just use your common sense and imagination.